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How to Increase Your EPC Rating

Two contrasting houses for EPC

Learning how to increase your EPC rating is simpler and probably less expensive than you think- find out how here.

Continue reading "How to Increase Your EPC Rating"

Energy Efficient Home Design - What's Involved

Solar shading

Energy efficient home design doesn’t just happen, you need to apply these simple principles as soon as you start thinking about either building or renovating your new eco-home.

Continue reading "Energy Efficient Home Design - What's Involved"

Energy Efficient Home Heating Systems

energy efficient heating systems

Energy efficient home heating systems are many and varied and not all will suit your home - Here's what you need to know before choosing one!

Continue reading "Energy Efficient Home Heating Systems"

Adding Underfloor Insulation to Existing and Older Properties

Suspended timber floor

Adding Underfloor Insulation easy to do wrong but thankfully just as easy to do right.

Continue reading "Adding Underfloor Insulation to Existing and Older Properties"

Airtightness to Reduce Your Energy Use

roof hatch compression joint

Airtightness improvements to your home will not only reduce your heating bills but also make your home more comfortable

Continue reading "Airtightness to Reduce Your Energy Use"

How to Fix Through a Vapour Control Layer


Knowing how to fix through a vapour control layer using staples or the like can be quite daunting, you don't want to damage the VCL. Here's how to do it.

Continue reading "How to Fix Through a Vapour Control Layer"

What is a Vapour Control Layer for


What is a vapour control layer for and why are they essential when upgrading he insulation in an older house?

Continue reading "What is a Vapour Control Layer for"

My top 5 best energy efficient home upgrades to reduce your bills

house wrapped in a coat

My best energy efficient home upgrades may surprise you. They're simple to implement and will reduce your bills straight away.

Continue reading "My top 5 best energy efficient home upgrades to reduce your bills"

The Different Types of Wall Insulation

Poorly fitted rigid foam insulation

Understanding the different types of wall insulation is essential if you're to choose the right one that won't damage your home.

Continue reading "The Different Types of Wall Insulation"

Making Your House Energy Efficient


Making your house energy efficient is straight forward, provided you understand your home and what materials could damage it.

Continue reading "Making Your House Energy Efficient"

How to Stop Black Mould

Black mould on ceiling

Learn how to stop black mould in your home the right way.

Continue reading "How to Stop Black Mould"

Energy Efficient House Upgrades for Older Homes

insulation vector image

My top energy efficient house upgrades for older homes, to save you money and make your house warmer and more comfortable.

Continue reading "Energy Efficient House Upgrades for Older Homes"

Is Internal Wall Insulation Worth Installing?

Internal Insulation and cold bridging

Why install internal wall insulation? Discover the pros and cons and how it can improve the health of you and your home while saving you money.

Continue reading "Is Internal Wall Insulation Worth Installing?"

Insulating Floors from Below

difference between installing floor insulation from above and below

Is insulating floors from below feasible? The simple answer is yes, but as ever, there are some things you'll need to consider before starting.

Continue reading "Insulating Floors from Below"

Air Source Heat Pump Efficiency

air Source Heat Pump on Wall

Understanding the air source heat pump efficiency is essential if you want a system that is cheap to run and following a few steps can help you achieve this.

Continue reading "Air Source Heat Pump Efficiency"

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