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Air Source Heat Pump Efficiency

Understanding the air source heat pump efficiency is essential if you want a system that is cheap to run and following a few steps can help you achieve this.

Continue reading "Air Source Heat Pump Efficiency"

Energy Efficient House Upgrades

Own an old house? You can still do energy efficient house upgrades to save you money and make your house a warmer and more comfortable place to be.

Continue reading "Energy Efficient House Upgrades"

Insulating an Attic Room

Insulating an attic room correctly will make a big difference and reduce the risk of damp, interstitial condensation and even rot.

Continue reading "Insulating an Attic Room"

Airtightness to Reduce Your Energy Use

Airtightness improvements to your home will not only reduce your heating bills but also make your home more comfortable

Continue reading "Airtightness to Reduce Your Energy Use"

Passive Stack Ventilation Explained

So what is passive stack ventilation, what are the advantages and disadvantages and should I install it in my home?

Continue reading "Passive Stack Ventilation Explained"

Wood Fibre Insulation - Advantages and Disadvantages

What is wood fibre insulation and what are the reasons to use it or not use it.

Continue reading "Wood Fibre Insulation - Advantages and Disadvantages"

How to Install Insulation in Your Attic

How to install insulation in your attic the right way. Turns out most of us install it incorrectly, which can cause condensation and mould.

Continue reading "How to Install Insulation in Your Attic"

Adding Underfloor Insulation to Existing and Older Properties

Adding Underfloor Insulation easy to do wrong but thankfully just as easy to do right.

Continue reading "Adding Underfloor Insulation to Existing and Older Properties"

Insulating an Old House - The Right Way

Insulating an old house sounds easy but if done wrong you could cause damage to your home.

Continue reading "Insulating an Old House - The Right Way"

Sheep Wool Insulation Natures Wonder Material

Sheep wool insulation is a genuine wonder material when it comes to insulation, but it has many more amazing qualities that will likely amaze you and improve your home.

Continue reading "Sheep Wool Insulation Natures Wonder Material"

Stop Bathroom Condensation Once and For All

This is how I stopped my bathroom condensation, completely! - find out why bathroom condensation occurs and what I did to stop it once and for all.

Continue reading "Stop Bathroom Condensation Once and For All"

Domestic Heat Exchanger Maintenance Issue

Once you buy a domestic heat exchanger what are the potential maintenance issues you need to be aware of?

Continue reading "Domestic Heat Exchanger Maintenance Issue"

Domestic Heat Exchange Unit - Features to look for.

Choosing a domestic heat exchange unit can be a daunting process. Here are the features to look out for and what each of them does.

Continue reading "Domestic Heat Exchange Unit - Features to look for."

Are all Heat Recovery Systems Equal?

Choosing heat recovery systems available for your home can be a real pain. So I’ve condensed everything you need to know into a series of short articles to help you choose the right system.

Continue reading "Are all Heat Recovery Systems Equal?"

Fitting a Heat Recovery Ventilation System, What’s Involved?

When Fitting a heat recovery ventilation system, some suppliers like you to be kept in the dark! But it’s really important that you know whats involved.

Continue reading "Fitting a Heat Recovery Ventilation System, What’s Involved?"

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