Your DIY Energy Audit - reduce your energy bills and improve the efficiency of your home, without damaging it.

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Let me guess, - you're fed up with energy price rises and trying to keep your home warm. You've spent hours searching for someone who can do an energy audit on your home, with no luck!

I receive lots of requests on a daily basis from people in your exact position. 

So I decided to do something about it! And this DIY Energy Audit e-book, is the result.

Doing your own energy audit is easy, provided you've got someone to show you the process, and that's where I come in.

So How Will This E-book Help You?

It walks you through the big problem areas of loft, wall and floor insulation, it shows you how to look for and stop draughts. It tells you how to get the ventilation right, how to make your heating system efficient and much more. (have a look at the contents below).

Plus it's a lot cheaper than getting someone like me to do it in person.

This DIY energy audit will walk you through the entire process from start to finish and show you:

  • How to breakdown your home into elements.
  • How to look for weak points within those elements.
  • how to make improvements.
  • what the most relevant upgrades are (and they're probably not what you think!).
  • Why you should use natural insulation materials over man-made insulation every time.

Whats Inside the DIY Energy Audit?

Chapter 1 - Introduction

  • Why do an Energy Audit?
  • Can a DIY energy audit ever match a professional one?
  • Useful tools
  • Useful Terminology 

Chapter 2 - How to use this DIY Energy Audit 

Chapter 3 - What’s Your Baseline Energy Usage

Chapter 4 - Breakdown of Your Home

  • Introduction
  • Age Guide 
  • Areas to Inspect

Chapter 5 - Wall Construction

  •  Introduction
  • How to establish what type of walls you have
  • Is the insulation in your walls well installed? 
  • Suggestions for improving Cavity walls 
  • Suggestions for improving Solid walls 
  • Suggestions for improving Timber Frame walls 
  • Suggestions for improving System Build walls 
  • Airtightness
  • Airtightness Improvements 

Chapter 6 - Floor Construction 

  • Introduction
  • How to identify the floor construction of your property 
  • Are your floors insulated?
  • Suggestions for improving your floors
  • Airtightness
  • How to assess the floors of your property for airtightness 

Chapter 7 - Roof Construction 

  • Introduction
  • Is your roof Insulated?
  • How to assess your traditional open roof void 
  • How to assess your room in roof
  • How to assess ventilation
  • Suggestions for improving your ventilation 
  • Suggestions for improving your roof 

Chapter 8 - Windows and Doors 

  • Introduction
  • How to assess the windows and doors of your property Airtightness
  • Ventilation
  • Suggestions for improvement

 Chapter 9 - Conservatory and Sunroom 

  • Introduction
  • How to assess the conservatory or sunroom in your property 
  • Suggestions for improving your sunroom/conservatory 

Chapter 10 - Controlled Ventilation 

  • Introduction
  • How to assess your controlled ventilation 
  • Suggested controlled ventilation improvements

Chapter 11 - Heating System 

  • Introduction
  • Main Heating Source
  • How to assess your main heating system
  • Flue Types
  • Boilers
  • Other Less Common Heating Systems
  • Emitter Types
  • Heating Controls
  • Suggestions for improving your main heating system 

Chapter 12 - Secondary Heating Systems 

  • Introduction
  • Suggestions for improving your secondary heating system

Chapter 13 - Domestic Hot Water Systems 

  • Introduction
  • How to Assess Your Hot Water System
  • Suggestions to Improve Domestic Hot Water Systems 

Chapter 14 - Electrical 

  • Introduction
  • How to assess the electrical items within your property 
  • Meter Type
  • Vampire Devices
  • Suggestions for Reducing Energy Vampires
  • Lighting
  • Recommendations
  • Solar Panels 

Chapter 15 - Other Eco Tips you Should Consider.

My 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

If you buy this ebook and you're not totally happy, for whatever reason. Let me know and I'll send you your money back.

So why wait, this is a downloadable PDF e-book and you could have it delivered digitally within the next few minutes and be on your way to making your home more comfortable, healthy, and reducing you bills.

N.B. This is a downloadable PDF e-book - You will NOT receive a physical book, 

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