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Welcome to eco home essentials, let me ask you a question.

"Would you like to improve your home energy efficiency and lower your energy bills while contributing to an eco-friendly environment?"

Eco Home

Of course you would!

"But all those renewable products cost a fortune and are a real hassle to research and no one understands all the jargon, right?" 

Not necessarily, you CAN enjoy the benefits of lower energy costs while protecting the environment and we'll show you how.

Here at Eco Home Essentials, we break down the jargon so that you can understand what the sales reps are talking about and what you should be asking them.

We explain all the basics of what to look out for, what the advantages and disadvantages are and more importantly we show YOU how to figure out which of th technologies will work for you and which won't.

How Can Eco-Home-Essentials Help you?

As a home owner, some of your and my biggest expenses on an on-going basis are fuel costs such as electricity, gas, oil, water heating, space heating and water charges. 

They're never ending, every month (or every quarter), they arrive like clockwork and you've no choice but to pay them... 

... Or do you?

At eco-home essentials we believe you do have a choice. 

We'll show you that making you home energy efficient is achievable through simple changes to what you already have, right through to the various green and eco friendly technologies further up the price range.

We'll show you how to either improve your existing home, or what to consider when building your ideal green eco home that will reduce your energy consumption and your running costs. 

We'll also provide you with the tools and knowledge you'll need to cut through the jargon commonly associated with these technologies. 

Once you understand the various technologies you may be surprised at how straight forward it is to create your very own green home.

  1. We’ll explain all the various technologies without the jargon (and more to the point, without the sales pitch).  

  2. We’ll tell you what you can expect to achieve by installing your chosen technology and how that technology or home improvement can have a knock on other aspects of your home (and not always in a good way!).

  3. We’ll tell you about the disadvantages of eco-technologies as well as the advantages.

  4. We’ll tell you if there’s any  grant assistance available to help with the installation or ongoing running costs.

Having worked as a surveyor for over 20 years (apart from feeling old) I’ve come to realise that we all want similar things when it comes to our homes:

  • We want them to be a safe place for our family.
  • We want them to be as cheap to run as possible.
  • We want them to be as low maintenance as possible.
  • We want them to increase in value.

… and if possible we want to achieve the above in as environmental friendly a way as possible.

The good news is, that it is possible (no matter what your budget) to improve the efficiency of your home. 

Whether you've no money available to spend on turning your home into an eco-home or you’ve got thousands burning a hole in your pocket. There are things that you can do today to get your bills down and become more environmentally friendly in the process.

So what qualifies me to give this help?

My name is Jeremy and I worked as a chartered surveyor for over 20 years inspecting residential properties.

I’ve also worked as a domestic energy assessor carrying out EPCs on residential property. I've even worked within many renewable companies within the boiler, solar panel, vetilation, condensation, biomass and insulation sectors.

Within this site I cover all the popular green technologies, from the obvious ones such as solar panels and wind turbines, solar hot water and low energy light bulbs to the less well known technologies such as biomass energy and others.

Please feel free to browse through my eco-home articles and if you’ve got a question do get in touch. If I can help I’ll be glad to and if I can’t I should be able to steer you in the right direction.

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