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Envirovent is a company I came across a few years ago when I was trying to stop the condensation issue I was having in my own house.

Long story short, I spoke to my local surveyor who came out offered some helpful advice and then spent a few hours talking about different forms of ventilation, condensation etc. (probably very boring for most people, but we're probably both a bit sad and really interested in such things).

At the time I wasn't aware that Envirovent are a UK wide company with surveyors local to most areas throughout the UK and Ireland.

Hugh, my local surveyor really knows his stuff which really put me at ease and I went ahead and had two of their filterless fans, fitted in my bathroom and ensuite and a positive input ventilator in my loft.

I've since added a third filterless fan in my utility room, to remove excess water vapour over the winter months when we have to dry clothes inside (I know, it's not ideal, but we have two small kids and we live in the real world, not some make believe world where we can dry clothes outside all year round).

Their products are designed to help homeowners control condensation, improve air quality and eliminate mould.

They started in 1987 and over the years they’ve gone from strength to strength and have helped over 150,000 customers.

The other thing I like about them is the fact that all their products are designed and manufactured in the UK.

So not only are you supporting local industry but manufacturing locally allows them to have extremely tight control of quality. Plus their warranties are good so if you do have any issues they should be able to resolve them quickly for you.

envirovent PIVEnvirovent Atmos PIV System
Envirovent PIV VentEnvirovent Atmos PIV System

The images above show the Atmos PIV system which is mounted in the open loft area and the vent through the landing ceiling where the air is pushed into the house. It's worth noting that if you don't have adequate ventilation into your loft area from outside you will need to increase it as the air pushed into the house has to be able to be easily replaced with fresh air from outside.

Product Range:

Envirovent offer solutions for all aspects of home ventilation and condensation control to include:

  • Whole house ventilation - this range includes five different “Mr Venty” positive input ventilation products.

  • Heat recovery units - They offer a large range of single room and whole house heat recovery systems to suit a huge range of property sizes and types. 

  • Kitchen and bathroom extract fans - they have a full range of extractor fans designed specifically to increase air quality and reduce humidity. And if you’re fed up with noisy extractor fans they have a full range of “silent” fans that are both efficient and extremely quiet in operation.

  • Condensation and mould solutions - All their products are designed to reduce humidity which can lead to condensation and mould in your home.

  • Allergy and asthma solutions - The Mr Venty range is an ideal solution for those of you who suffer from allergies and asthma as this positive pressure systems force spores etc. out of your home rather than pulling them in which is what a negative pressure systems would do.

  • Radon products - Again the Mr Venty range of positive pressure ventilators is an ideal solution for those of you who live in high Radon areas for the same reason as above.

Why I'm Happy with my Envirovent Products:

envirovent-filterless-fanEnvirovent Humidity Sensing Extractor Fan

I’m very happy with my products (filterless fans and an Atmos positive input ventilator) from Envirovent, so I'm happy to recommend them. (I should also say that I bought my products at full market price and didn’t receive any incentive for installing them).

I originally bought my filterless fans because I was impressed with Hugh's level of knowledge and I was pretty confident that they’d reduce my condensation issues. The Atmos PIV was something that I was going to put in anyway as I live in an area of high Radon gas and PIVs can help reduce the riskd from this.

The Atmos PIV system also helps reduce the risk from condensation, by creating positive air pressure within the house. Thereby, forcing air out through any gaps in the structure and through trickle vents etc. thus diluting the water vapour levels within my home. 

I',m happy to report that both these systems are working well and I’m happy to recommend them because I know they work.

As we strive to make our homes more and more air-tight, by fitting better windows and doors and adding cavity and loft insulation, it’s more important than ever to make sure you have adequate controlled  ventilation within your home. Not only will it increase the air quality in your home, it’ll also reduce humidity and the risk of black mould.

But only if you do it right!

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