How Applying for the Green Deal Worked

There were two ways of applying for the Green Deal and you could have chosen either route.

Both had their own advantages and disadvantages which I’ll explain in a little more detail below. The differences between the two were not significant enough to get stressed over.

1. Approach an approved Green Deal Assessor:

This method gave you a little more flexibility as you would have then owned the assessment and were free to approach any approved installation companies to get quotations for installation of the approved technologies.

The down side of this approach was that you’d have to pay for the assessment up front.

2. Approach an Approved Green Deal Installer:

You could have approached an approved green deal installer (after doing a little research on several of them first). They then could have arranged to have an assessment carried out on your property, however they would have owned the assessment (assuming they pay for it) so you’d then have been tied to using them for the installation.

Which is why many people did their  homework before committing. They would have checked out the various approved installers in their area and asked them for prices of the different technologies. They would also have obtained several quotes before tying themselves to one of installers.

Both methods approached the situation from different starting points.

Option 1 - involved an up-front payment by you to get the assessment carried out but then you were free to approach as many installers as you wanted in order to get prices.

Option 2 - meant you didn’t have an up-front payment but you did have to try and get prices for installation of the various technologies before you knew which ones would work for your property.

Either way the Green Deal installation company should have arranged your loan etc. for you and arranged to have the various technologies supplied and fitted to your home.

Don’t forget that not all technologies would have been suitable for your home and just because your neighbour got approved for PV panels and an air source heat pump you couldn’t assume that you would also get approved for those two technologies.

The assessment survey was based on a similar process to calculation an EPC (energy performance certificate) and took in lots of parameters such as heat loss areas, retrofit insulation, age of extensions, age of double glazing, depth of insulation, floor type etc. along with dozens of other factors.

So although your property looked the same as you neighbours, that alone did not mean you’d be approved for the same technologies.

I hope this helps you understand what was involved in the now defunct Green Deal scheme.

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