Affordable Wood Pellet Boiler Scheme:

Installing a domestic wood pellet boiler has become pretty popular since the introduction of the Domestic RHI (Renewable Heat Incentive).

In fact some manufacturers have even taken advantage of the RHI to use it to offer customers a FREE wood pellet boiler.

But with recent reductions in the RHI rates in mainland UK and the total cessation of the RHI in N.Ireland it has become more difficult for these companies to offer a totally free boiler. 

However In N.Ireland one such company has decided not to let the end of the RHI scheme stop them from introducing homeowners to the benefits of wood pellets.

Trianco Wood Pellet Boiler £35.99 per month.Trianco Greenflame Wood Pellet Boiler

How Does the Scheme Differ From the Free Boiler Schemes?

There have been and continue to be (on mainland UK) lots of different variations of the free wood pellet boiler scheme. But the principle behind them all tends to be fairly similar.

Basically you got a free boiler and in return the boiler company gets the RHI (Renewable Heat Incentive) payments.

Unfortunately in February 2016 the local Northern Ireland government announced that the RHI in N.Ireland. was coming to an end on 29th Feb 2016.

The RHI continues in the rest of the UK but the rate has reduced to a point where the boiler companies that offer the free scheme may ask for a contribution if the heat requirement for your home is under a certain level.

So How is This New Wood Pellet Boiler Scheme Any Different?

Surely the end of the RHI in Northern Ireland has killed the free wood pellet boiler scheme there, and the reduced rate is killing it in the rest of the UK? 

Fusion Energy have decided to come up with their own scheme which aims to make installing a new wood pellet boiler (and all the ancillaries such as a buffer tank, thermostat etc.) a whole lot more affordable.

Granted it's no longer free in N.Ireland but the small monthly payment is much more affordable than trying to find thousands of pounds upfront to buy a biomass boiler.

Let alone paying to buy a buffer tank and all the extras required and then paying again to have it all installed.

What Does the Scheme Offer?

The scheme costs £35.99 per month over a 10 year period and for that you get the following:

  • A new Trianco biomass boiler. (which according to a google search retails at over £7,500 for the 10kW model).
  • A new buffer tank or thermal store.
  • Installation of everything required to run your new boiler.
  • Annual servicing for 10 years.
  • 10 year parts and labour warranty.
  • An insurance backed maintenance contract.
  • Access to competitively priced wood pellets.

So you're basically getting a £7,500+ biomass boiler for £4318.80 (payable in monthly instalments of £35.99 and without any credit checks.

Plus they fit it and all the ancillaries such as the buffer tank etc. and everything else listed above at no additional charge. All you have to do is buy your pellets from them for the next 10 years, at what appears to be a very competitive price (see below).  

How does it work?

Initially it’s as simple as submitting your details to request further information or arrange a survey of your home.

  1. They inspect your property to see what size of boiler you need.
  2. They arrange a date to install the boiler and buffer tank etc.
  3. You sign up to buy wood pellets from them for the next 10 years.
  4. That’s it!

I know what you’re thinking, they’re going to charge a fortune for their pellets and that’s how they can afford to give the boilers out for free.

I initially came to that exact same conclusion.

But no, they’ve assured me that they expect to be cheaper than their competitors.

Their current price (correct as of Feb 2016) is £231/ton delivered, which I have to admit, is less than I pay for my pellets.

But how can they do that and still make money?

Well it just so happens that they own Trianco (the company that makes the boilers they install) and they’ll be making and distributing their own pellets. 

So the upshot is that they’re happy there’s enough of a margin left to justify the scheme. You get a brand new wood pellet boiler at a monthly cost that’s fixed for 10 years (index linked) and they make enough profit to keep their accountants happy.

What Happens if You Want to Sell Your House Within 10 Years?

This is a big concern for some people, especially after what happened with the free solar panel scheme and some Mortgage companies refusing to lend on properties that have a contract with a free solar panel firm attached to their deeds.

Again, that was one of the questions I asked and I’ve been advised that there isn't a charge to go on your mortgage and you don't need to seek permission from your mortgage lender.

You can either transfer the remainder of the warranty and the benefits listed above. You could even argue that the reduced CO2 output on your EPC (thanks to your new biomass boiler) could make your home more attractive to potential buyers.

Or you can buy out the remainder of the agreement (without any early cancellation fees etc.) when you sell your home.

If you’d like more information on Fusion’s £35.99 per month wood pellet boiler scheme in Northern Ireland (or the rest of the UK) simply fill out your details in the form below and someone will get back to you with more details.

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