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We only use reputable local firms who are fully qualified and M.C.S. (Micro-Generation Certification Scheme) accredited.

Who are we?

We’re a small but dedicated team who prides ourselves on providing free information on solar panels and other renewable technologies via our website for everyone to use at no cost.

We also put local customers in touch with reputable renewable companies throughout Northern Ireland, England, Scotland and Wales.

Each submission we receive is reviewed by a real person with extensive knowledge of the renewable sector.

What's important when deciding how to buy solar panels?

When matching you with the best local suppliers in your area, we consider many different aspects of your property and situation, such as:

  1. Orientation – this is basically the aspect of your roof i.e. is it south facing or south east facing etc? Panels can be installed on roofs from east to west but they will perform best if they are on a south facing roof.

  2. Elevation – for maximum output in the UK during the summer months a roof angle of 30º-40º is best as the sun is typically between 50º-60º giving an average combined angle of 90º.

  3. Shading – Ideally you don’t want any shading on your solar panels as one shaded panel will affect the output of all the panels in the array. (Unless you use an optimizing device such as a harvester or micro-inverters which allow all panels to operate independently thus minimising the effect of shading).

  4. Available roof area – This will have an impact on the type and size of panels you can use and in turn will mean some local companies may be better suited to install their panels. For example, if their panels have a higher individual output per square meter.

    If company “A’s” panels have a 200 watt/ rating and company “B’s” panels have a 220watt/ rating you will need a smaller roof area to install a 4kW array from company “B”.

  5. Budget – expanding from point 4 above, your budget will also have an effect on which companies are best suited to complete your job. Company “B” may charge more for their 220 watt/m² panels compared with company “A's”. However their costs of installation may be less! 

  6. Roof Structure - the age and roof structure of your home will have a bearing on its suitability when it comes to supporting the weight of solar panels, brackets and frames.

Choosing the right system isn’t just down to output, roof size, installation costs or budget. It’s invariably a combination of them all.

So getting the right firms to quote is always going to be your best starting point in order to reduce your chances of problems later.

Thankfully though, we can take all the hassle out of this process for you and match your requirements and situation to the best local companies in your area. Meaning the question of "how to buy solar panels" isn't something you'll need to worry about, as we'll do it for you.

Why choose solar panels?

  • Great investment – you can receive a tax free income for the next 20 years via the FiT scheme (Feed in Tariff) in England, Scotland and Wales.

    Or 20 years via NIROCs (Northern Ireland Renewable Obligation Certificates) in Northern Ireland.

    Typically a PV array can pay for itself in 7-10 years meaning you can then get a tax free income for the remainder of your 20 year period (depending on individual site conditions).

  • Eco friendly - while producing electricity, solar panels don’t produce any greenhouse gasses or pollution. Sunlight’s free and it’s probably the most environmentally friendly power source available to us.

    Once your solar array is installed it’s free to harvest and will significantly reduce your carbon footprint.

  • Reduce you costs – Typically you should be able to use around 50% of the electricity you produce. Meaning your solar panel installation could pay for itself within 7 or 10 years.

    Plus they’ll then produce a steady, regular income for the remainder of your contract term.

    Typically residential panels will supply around 50% of your electricity and therefore reduce your bills by similar proportions.

  • Reduce your reliance on fossil fuels – Why continue to rely on fossil fuels? They’re a finite source of power so your costs of electricity derived from them will only continue to increase.

    Whereas our most powerful source of energy (the sun) is free to use, free to harvest and it’s ever lasting. So why not take advantage of it?

  • Make your home more saleable – As fossil fuel costs continue to spiral, more and more home buyers are looking for homes fitted with renewable technologies to keep their running costs low. Solar panels will make your home cheaper to run and therefore more attractive to buyers.

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How to buy solar panels - Your other options

  • How to Buy Solar Panels, Option 1 - You could do the research yourself! Yes, it'll be time consuming, but it is achievable. Provided you've done all the research and are well prepared there is no reason why you couldn't use this option.

    In which case please feel free to browse this site and use all the information contained in it

  • How to Buy Solar Panels, Option 2 - Save yourself the hassle and let us do it for you. We know what types and sizes of panels are available and what their outputs are for each of our suppliers. So we can steer you towards the companies whose panels will likely be the best fit for your roof conditions.

    We also hold a database on the suppliers we use which allows us to make sure their MCS accreditation and insurance details etc. is up to date. 

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Still not decided?

If you're still not sure solar panels are for you, have a read through my photvoltaic solar panel articles and hopefully they'll help by providing you with some more information.

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